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Hereford House
Independence MO

Summary of Position:
The primary responsibility of a Host/ess is to create a positive impression to our Guests by interacting with them in a prompt and friendly manner. A professional Host/ess will exhibit strong communication skills to both the Guest in front of them and the Guest on the telephone.

A qualified Host/ess will have full knowledge of our food, liquor and wines by the glass offerings. He/she will know all table numbers and position points at each table. The competent Host/ess will take care of any Guest’s need, if asked, directly or indirectly.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Welcoming our Guest / Inviting them back
2. Communicate with our Guest
3. Pleasant telephone etiquette
4. Seat Guests in the required fashion.
5. Assist other team members with table maintenance, pre bussing tables, etc.
6. Understand and follow seating and reservation policies and procedures
7. Understand and follow opening and closing sidework
8. Communicate well with other team members
9. Act “Guest first” by assisting team members with other Guest’s needs
10. Understand and follow the Host/ess service sequence
11. Understand and follow the service sequence for all departments
12. Properly entering food & beverage items into the POS system
13. Other duties as specified by managers
14. Take and prepare to-go and room service orders as needed per location
15. Other duties as specified by Management

This job was posted 4/10/2017

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