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Assnt. Manager

Northern Waters Smokehaus
Duluth MN

The Assistant Shop Manager is responsible for assisting the Shop Manager in daily tasks and long term objectives.
Extra duties will include but are not limited to:

-Working with new hires as a Trainer to make sure they have a comfortable training period.
-Counting the daily tills and assist in balancing the cash box ledger. This includes knowing when cash may be needed.
-Tip management.
-Being willing to work all shifts - days, nights, and weekends. An assistant manager must be flexible with their schedule and willing to pick up any extra shifts, if necessary.
-Attending monthly manager meetings.
-Attend & or contribute to one of two required classes taught by the Shop Manager.
-Know and understand all the Smokehaus policies and implement them within the shop.
-Assist in maintaining our positive and creative environment.
-All assistant managers must have an up-to-date food handler’s certificate. You must also keep abreast of new/current regulations. This information will be provided by the Shop Manager, GM, Smokehaus Manager, or Eric Goerdt himself.
-Make sure all equipment – POS, printers, coolers, freezers, toasters, etc. are in working order. If they aren’t, please get ahold of GM or EG immediately. If a cooler/freezer breaks and the products are warmish, please probe them and take appropriate measures for safety.
-Be sure that the correct people have keys. All MODs and selected openers/closers should have keys. Keep track of this, and make sure to get them back if an employee moves on.
-Please keep the shop beautiful.maintain a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning schedule
-Assist shop manager in scheduling staff.
-Assist shop manager in hiring new staff.
-Assist shop manager in reviews.
-Assist shop manager in Documents of Occurrence.
-Assist shop manager in Forms of Righteousness.

Assistant managers will need to have a flexible schedule and can expect to work extra hours nearly every week. Assistant managers will be expected to successfully fulfill all regular deli duties.
Other duties include designing and implementing training manuals, checklists, and other materials and processes related to the deli; researching/acquiring more sustainable/cost effective tools/materials, systems; and participating in long-term strategic planning for the department.

Key attributes: Communication skills (including listening), customer service skills, positivity, ability to delegate, and exceptional organizational skills.

Experience and Skills Preferred: Ability to use Excel, Google Drive/Sheets/Docs, experience with scheduling. Preference given to Trainers, attendance to classes and meetings, and experience with the company.

Additional: Familiarity with food in general and with Northern Waters/Northern Waters Smokehaus would be great!
Hours: Average of 35, Overtime likely during peak holiday weeks.
Pay: $1/hour raise. This position will be strongly considered in future promotions.
How to Apply: Schedule a chat with TK, Jerry, or Mary via person-to-person, email, or phone.

This job was posted 6/8/2017

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