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Front Desk/Host

Hollywood CA

Basic Function

• Warm friendly immediately greets guests at the door. Seats and presents clean menus to guests in a friendly, professional and quick manner.

Major Responsibilities/Activities:

• Greet and seat guests, present menus to the guest.
• All guests must be treated in a manner to ensure their complete satisfaction. Always strive to exceed our guest's expectations.
• Observes tables and keeps track of clean, dirty, and occupied tables.
• Takes names on waiting lists and leads waiting guests to the bar area.
• Cleans organizes and stocks menus at host area.
• Answers phones and answers questions concerning the menu and restaurant.
• Orchestrate the timely and fair seating when there is a high volume of guests.
• Consistently monitor server and kitchen workload and precisely control seating to ensure smooth service according to the servers individual capabilities to avoid backing up the kitchen.
• Front desk maintenance (ensure enough menus are printed, request more toothpicks/business cards to be ordered, cleanliness, etc.)
• Other duties as directed.

Minimum Requirements:

• Excellent communication skills (verbally interacts with management, servers, team members, and guests).
• Must be able to read, write, and determine wait time based on Yamashiro’s procedures.
• Must visually scan restaurant for clean, unoccupied tables.
• Organizational skills.
• Multi-task oriented.
• Knowledge of workplace safety procedures.

Essential Physical Functions:

• 100% stands during entire shift.
• 75 % reaches, bends and stoops frequently.
• 20% carries objects.
• 50% verbally communicates with guests concerning questions and reservations.

Equipment Used:

• Open Table
• Focus
• Phones

This job was posted 10/2/2017

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