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Marketing Assistant

Birchwood Cafe
Minneapolis MN

The Marketing Assistant will help share the story of Birchwood, especially the seasonal menus, with the public, our partners and our staff. Major responsibilities include assisting with menu change, printing, copy needs and social media.

Seasonal Updates
– Update the seasonal menu folders 2 weeks prior to menu change
– Work with Marketing Director to update menus, caddy cards, signage, bakery tags and catering menus
– Work with kitchen to update the soup + vinaigrette labels (get info about organic + local ingredients)
– Attend the 2p menu meeting on the Friday before brunch menu change
– Work with Marketing Director to create a seasonal coloring sheet
Digital Updates
– Update the online menu in Bento Box with seasonal menu changes
– Update the Facebook and Twitter cover photos
– Update the ChowNow online menu
– Update the Delivery menu and email out to partners
– Email out catering menus to wholesale partners

Printing + Labels
– Print and laminate the seasonal bakery tags on the Friday before the 2p meeting
– Print the SIMPLS bakery tags on the Friday before the 2p meeting
– Print the “seasonless” menus on the Friday before the brunch menu change after the 2p meeting
– Print the seasonal menus on the Tuesday before menu change
– Print the seasonal caddy cards, welcome sign, soup and vinaigrette labels
– Maintain and stock labels + stickers + paper

Social Media
– As needed, assist Marketing Director with content creation for Instagram + Facebook
– As needed, post daily content to Instagram + Facebook

This job was posted 1/25/2018

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