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Bartender - Shift Leader

Lavender Lake
Brooklyn, NY

Summary of LL (Analisa please send me something for this)

Job responsibility detail:
* Provide food & beverage service to guests as Bartender
* Expected to set the proper tone, style, and efficiency to other team members
* Help create seasonal cocktail recipes with General Manager
* Shift leader in terms of monitoring side work & bar prep
* Key holder to be available to open or close the business
* Complete end of shift paperwork and money settling per company rules
* Working shift guest relations leader, including permissions to void/comp per company rules
* Working shift staff relations leader
* Lead bartender & bar back training
* Communicate efficiently with General Manager with Email & Slack

* $13 per hour plus tips
* More details to be discussed at interview

Schedule details:
* Looking for 4 days availability per week in short term, 5 days in Spring & Summer
* Saturday & Sunday night shift required, potential for Friday as Permanent day off.

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This job was posted 2/9/2018

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