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Sous Chef

Fort Wayne IN

SOUS CHEF/ Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Service Systems Associates, the Zoo's exclusive culinary partner, is looking for a dynamic, creative, and systems driven culinary professional to join us for our upcoming 2017 season. Qualified candidates must have proven multi-unit kitchen management experience in Quick Serve and Quick Casual Dining and worked with teams of 20 or more....Experience working with High School and College Seasonal staff is desired as we are looking for candidates with solid team building experiences. Candidates with a background in offsite catering are encouraged to apply as well.

The Zoo see's over 600,000 guest per season serving in 3 Caf├ęs and 5 Kiosks spread throughout the Zoo...There is also a solid picnic program in place seeing groups from 100 to 1500 per day.

Service Systems Associates currently operates Culinary, Catering and Retail operations in over 70 locations nationwide. This is a seasonal position with the opportunity to grow and move to other locations around the country. Several Mgrs and Chefs have started their full time careers here at The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo and promoted into key positions around the country.

If you're looking for one of the coolest and trendiest culinary positions here in Fort Wayne, please send a cover letter and resume to Executive Chef Sean Paschall.

This job was posted 2/14/2017

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