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Brunch Manager

Threes Brewing
Brooklyn NY

About The Company
Threes Brewing is a Brooklyn-based brewery known for creating drinkable craft beers that balance complexity and simplicity, with a focus on lagers, farmhouse ales and American ales. Threes Brewing’s mission is to create good beers that you can enjoy again and again, and to make community spaces that are playful, welcoming and warm.

About The Role
The Brunch Manager is responsible for overseeing all front-of-house operations in conjunction with the back-of-house at Threes Brewing during Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Being present on the floor, checking in on private and public events, reinforcing right practices and making sure staff has the necessary support to meet their responsibilities is a large part of this job, as is making sure customers are getting good service through product and event education, staff accessibility and general hospitality. Key responsibilities include overseeing and improving upon the quality of brunch service and supervising the overall bar flow and experience on a shift-by-shift basis.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities pertain to full oversight of Saturday and Sunday brunch service and include but are not limited to:

Shift Execution
- Oversee staff arrival and subsequent set up of bar, floor and yard for service.
- Prepare and distribute register banks.
- Run pre-shift meeting and disseminate pertinent information regarding day-of happenings, menu and inventory updates, and upcoming events.
- Set atmosphere in space, including music selection/volume and lighting.
- Update signage and other promotional materials.
- Oversee regular service and make sure procedures and protocols are being followed.
- Walk throughout space with an eye toward informing and assisting our clientele, maintaining general cleanliness, and aiding staff in the execution of their duties as necessary.
- Assist with the management, set-up and breakdown of reservations, public, and private events as needed.
- Enforce sanitary practices for Department of Health requirements and inspections, general cleanliness and maintenance of bar, dining and storage areas.
- Count cash drops and register banks as daytime employees closeout.
- Update menus and POS on an as-needed basis.
- Provide hospitable service with the goal of exceeding client expectations and fostering repeat business.
- Log notes for almanac and senior management team with event and service feedback to help fine tune Threes’ processes.
- Maintain awareness and expertise regarding Threes beers, all other beer, wine, liquor products that are carried in-house for the edification of staff and customers.

This job was posted 5/29/2017

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