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Coals Artisan Pizza
Louisville KY


Coals Artisan Pizza is looking for full-time or part-time kitchen staff. Training in true artisan pizza making and coal-oven operation will be provided. Experience is great but we are willing to train on all positions. Coals' is a team-driven, BOH operation, with most staff still working here after opening our doors 4 years ago. Our kitchen hours are reasonable with first shifts starting at 8:00 AM and later shifts closing at 9:30 PM weekdays 10:30 PM on weekends. Job tasks include prep, oven operation, Salad/ Fry cook and dishwashing (on a rotating basis). Looking for punctual, team oriented individuals with positive attitudes to join the best kitchen in L'ville!

Come into Coals and fill out an application or follow the link to submit your resume. Compensation ranges from 9.50 to 15.00 depending on experience and how long you have worked for us. We believe in retaining our employees and will work with those candidates who are a good fit with Coals. Feel free to talk to our kitchen staff about their work experiences at Coals.

This job was posted 8/17/2017

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