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Track Marshall

Grand Prix New York
Mt Kisco NY

$10 an hour - Part-time
Track Marshal Duties and responsibilities:

-Provide excellent customer service

-Ensure the safety of the customers at all times.

-Working on the track, changing room, or briefing area.

-Flagging and Clearing Cautions, fairly and efficiently

-Calling out Warnings and Penalties and actually knowing what they are and the differences between them

-Helping and providing customers with racing tips and informing them as well as helping them understand GPNY rules and procedures

-Keeping your work area (changing room, briefing room, pit area, horseshoe, track, and tower) as well as areas outside the track area (concourse, restaurant, parking lot, and bathrooms) CLEAN at all times.

-Informing Customers of special events and promotions as well as regularly scheduled activities at GPNY.

This job was posted 10/14/2017

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