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204 North Kitchen & Cocktails
Charlotte NC

204 North Kitchen & Cocktails is hiring SERVERS for our team!
1. Optimistic warmth
2. An insatiable curiosity to learn
3. Great work ethic
4. Empathy
5. Integrity
Caring. Creative. Careers.
Join the 204 North Kitchen & Cocktail family! We hire and care deeply for people with creativity, passion and the drive to be the best. And we reward our teams with top-notch benefits, career-long training and development and opportunities for growth.
Is this you?
• You take care of yourself. (Energy and stamina. You’ll need both.)
• You care for others. (Teamwork and success. They are one and the same.)
• You care about guests. (Quality. The bar is high.)
If you want a career at a progressive company with a commitment to people, join our caring and creative team.
Availability Needed: Lunch, Dinner, Weekends, Sundays
Responsible for exceeding guests’ expectations by providing efficient, friendly guest service. Teamwork, enthusiasm, a high energy level, food and wine knowledge and ability to multi-task are necessary for success in this position. A willingness to learn what you don’t already know is a MUST!
• Be able to work a variety of hours, days and shifts, including weekends
• Get along with others and be a team player
• Be genuinely committed to ensuring that the overall guest experience exceeds expectations, including greeting guests with a warm, sincere smile and anticipating guest needs
• Use tact and good judgment when dealing with guest challenges, responding to their needs with patience and courtesy
• Follow all steps of service
• Understand and respond knowledgeably to questions about the restaurant and menu
• Use sales techniques and present and encourage current promotions to guests
• Accurately record and account for all items ordered, process payment from guests, and account for and balance all sales and receipts at the end of the shift in compliance with restaurant policies and procedures
• Understand and follow the food allergy procedure and special orders/restrictions
• Comply with all safety and sanitation (including handwashing) guidelines and procedures
• Be proficient in the use and operation of all necessary tools and equipment, including the Point of Sale system, credit card terminals, and coffee/tea machines
• Successfully complete alcohol awareness training
• Follow all rules, policies, procedures and conditions of employment, including those outlined in the Employee Handbook
• Other duties will be assigned as needed
• Effectively service a 3 – 6 table station
• Safely and effectively transport food to a table of three in a single trip, and beverages to a table of three in a single trip
• Communicate in English in order to comprehend and perform/follow job requirements in written and spoken direction
• Perform more than one task at a time, calmly and effectively in an extremely busy and stressful work environment
• Work in a confined, crowded space of variable noise and temperature levels
• Lift and move up to 10 pounds, frequently lift and/or move up to 25 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds
• Safely and effectively use all necessary tools and equipment
• Stand and walk for an entire shift, including moving safely through all areas of the restaurant, which may include stairs, uneven and slick surfaces
• Accessibility varies by location

This job was posted 1/2/2018

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