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Professional Bartender

Hamilton NJ

he Bartender is responsible for maintaining the bar area, serving restaurant and bar patrons at the bar and filling drink orders for the dining room. The Bartender must have extensive knowledge of liquor mixed drinks, beer and wine. Thinking quickly, awareness of surroundings and monitoring patrons for signs that they have had too much alcohol are also skills required to do this position well.

Providing top-notch customer service while maintaining control of the bar, serving drinks and managing the financials require attention to detail and extreme focus. At the end of each night the Bartender will cash-out the cash drawer, making sure It balances with the POS system and note any discrepancies. Lastly, the Bartender will take alcohol inventories, and put in the order if necessary to be delivered the next day.

Bartender Duties and Responsibilities
Mix drinks using an extensive range of ingredients including liquor, bitters, soda, water, sugar, and fruits, including standard and unique drinks.
Deliver a consistently high level of customer service to each client and maintain a safe environment by identifying problem clients and having them removed.
Keep bar area clean, safe and organized.
Collect money for drinks served and providing change as needed; Balance cash receipts; Maintain an accurate cash drawer throughout the night
Mix all drinks based on the standard serving sizes, keeping drink costs at a minimum.
Develop an efficient work pace that keeps the customers at the bar and in the dining room satisfied at all times.
Take beverage orders from customers or wait staff and serving drinks as requested, paying extreme attention to detail.
Provide a positive and friendly guest experience by interacting with patrons.
Check identification to verify legal age requirements for all customers.
Keep a well-stocked bar with an adequate supply of liquor, beer, wine, mixers, ice, napkins, straws, glassware, and other accessories.
Organize the bar area to streamline drink preparation and inventory.
Place orders for liquor, beer, wine, and other supplies.
Slice, pit, and prepare fruit garnishes for drinks.
Monitoring all patrons for alcohol intake to appropriate levels and attempting to curtail inappropriate behavior.
Assist in ensuring patrons always have a safe ride home, calling a taxi or Uber when appropriate.
Bartender Requirements and Qualifications
High school diploma.
2+ years’ experience working as a bartender.
Certification as a mixologist from a reputable bartending school preferred.
Must be able to lift 20 pound boxes and stand for an 8-hour shift.
Strong customer service, great memory, and interpersonal skills required.

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This job was posted 1/12/2018

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