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Deli Manager

Northern Waters Smokehaus
Duluth MN

Semi-Internal Job Opportunity:
Deli Manager
The Deli Manager is responsible for daily operations in the Smokehaus deli, implementing short and long-term goals and initiatives, and overseeing the deli staff.
Primary Duties Include:
• Scheduling staff clearly at least 2 weeks out.
• Honor time off requests whenever possible.
• Keep up with daily (sometimes hourly) schedule requests and changes.
• Coordinate training with each new employee along with HR and trainers.
• Retrain employees if necessary.
• Distribute at least one Form of Righteousness a month, and make sure trainers/supervisors are also doing so.
• Host informal meetings at least once a week (with news, specials, etc.) to be held in the deli before opening.
• When necessary, distribute documents of occurrence, action plans, and other disciplinary procedures, including terminations.
• Keep employees current through flyers, whiteboard news, schedule alerts, and/or any other helpful medium.
• Keep checklists current and relevant, and follow up on them daily (by way of supervisors if necessary).
• Host one customer service class per year (open to the whole company).

• Become expert in all current and new products by tasting, training with product development coordinator, GM and smokehouse manager.
• Train all deli staff thoroughly on product info, taste profiles, beverage pairings, ingredients, potential allergens, and recipe ideas.
• Keep Product Info Guide current.
• Maintain a rigorous product rotation system to ensure freshness and quality.
• Maintain a pristine, abundant, well-lit, and environmentally appropriate display for all products at all times.
• Track waste and coordinate with sustainability coordinator.

• Make sure coolers, freezers, hot pots, toasters, and other food safety storage is functioning properly and alert the GM immediately if it’s not.
• Make sure the slicer(s) are sharp, moveable, and calibrated.
• Maintain a clean and safe environment for staff and guests at all times.
• Host an annual deep clean.

Secondary Duties Include:
• Attending and participating in monthly manager meetings.
• Strategic planning for the department and the business as a whole.
• Attendance to design/budget task force meetings (when you are available).

Some Short Term Goals (12 months)
• Increase sales 1% through a consistent sampling program, customer service training/policy implementation, and swag displays in the next 6 months.
• Establish a consistent sampling program.
• Articulate and systematize a customer service training program.
• Direct/facilitate a “swag” retail area where customers can access merchandise.
• Train employees on new POS.
Some Long Term Goals (18-24 months and beyond):
• Revamp the Product Info and Procedures Handbook (with GM and HR).
• Facilitate a Class schedule for deli crew and supervisors.
Key attributes: Communication skills, excellent customer service skills, creative ability, spacial awareness and design, ability to delegate, strong management and leadership skills including facilitation, direct communication, system implementation, follow-through, documentation, and listening, and organizational skills.
Experience and Skills Preferred: Ability to use Excel, Google Drive/Sheets/Docs, scheduling, counting, at least 3 years of direct customer service skills, Serve-Safe training, advanced customer service training.
Education: Associates or Bachelor’s Degree (preferred), willingness to attend additional educational seminars a must.
Additional: Familiarity with food in general and with Northern Waters/Northern Waters Smokehaus would be great!
Hours: Average of 40+.
Pay: Salary starting at $36k, more based on experience.
Benefits: Health insurance available, sick time pay, vacation pay, 25% off at our deli, mail order.
*To Apply, schedule an interview with Greg before February 9th or

This job was posted 1/31/2018

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