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Cater Sales Person

Bigfoot BBQ
Flagstaff AZ

Bigfoot Catering is hiring for a sales (admin) position! You may be right for this job if you:
...have a sunny disposition; smile & laugh naturally & regularly;
...enjoy customer service & sales;
...can work w/in existing systems & utilizing existing tools;
...enjoy an office/desk work environment in a professional office environment

Stuff to know about this job:
...This job is sales-oriented, centered around email & phone, and as such this is primarily a desk-job.
...Math is a big part of this job: you'll need to learn how many ounces are in 1lb, 1gl, 1qt, and 1pt, and be able to convert typical kitchen/cooking measurements into real-life quantities for customer orders.

Primary duties:
...Customer Service: creating & adjusting quotes as needed for customers; providing information and solutions to customer needs; working w/in a high-energy team with the focus on execution from sales to event
...Quickly answering & returning phone calls & emails as catering inquiries come in.
...Follow-ups: one of the primary functions of this job is to follow up, by phone and/or email, on quotes that have already been issued but not booked; solicit repeat business from existing/prior customers; make changes to existing orders
...Utilization of existing tools & established systems, including learning & using catering software, phone systems, messaging systems, and the like.

This job is not for you if:
...You detest a desk-job, taking/making phone calls, or using email
...You detest a sales & service - oriented environment
...You don't respond to coaching, guidance, and clearly-defined goals
...You struggle to shift priorities & tasks in response to customer & team needs.

The person who will be successful at this position will be service-oriented & will work with the understanding that great service is the primary goal of this job. We believe that sales comes from great service: our focus is will be on relentlessly helpful service underpinned by the notion that it's our job to win the customer's business by providing an extraordinary service experience.

Pay, Schedule, etc:
...No experience is required: we are happy to train the right PERSON for the job!
...Pay: hourly & DOE, starting at $12
...Hours: part-time, 20-30 hours/wk, fluctuating w/ time of year; schedule will include 1-2 evenings per week & 2-3 Saturdays per month.
...There is an added opportunity to work catering events for additional hours at a higher wage.


This job was posted 2/7/2018

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