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Sherry B Dessert Studio
New York NY

Our little dessert studio is growing!

With award-winning, from-scratch desserts, Chef/owner Sherry B has brought her creations to New York City's historic meatpacking district. A brilliant coffee program combined with a full liquor license and savory snacks will bring the foot traffic to match our successful e-commerce line. The logistics involved with running this machine also include scheduling a great core group of hourly staff, monitoring corporate & custom orders and helping us establish ourselves as a mainstay in the community for a long, long time.

Expectations: hands-on leadership, training to understand company culture as well as product, set the high standard every shift, every day; goals to make a difference while driving for successes.

Plusses: ServeSafe, TiPS, NYC Foodhandler certifications, excellent references.

Looking forward to meeting you.
**Allergy Note: we work with numerous types of dairy, chocolates and nuts in house daily.

This job was posted 2/19/2018

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