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Lavender Lake
Brooklyn NY

Neighborhood Bar & Grill looking for new people to join our team! Innovative and creative menus, backyard chill vibes, interesting and rad staff.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
* maintain a clean and organized bar
* bar and table service guest relations
* learn and maintain the knowledge of products and rules
* taking food & beverage orders in a smart, efficient, and friendly manner
* prepare alcoholic beverage orders efficiently and according to the company's recipes
* communicating with captains and managers
* report all guest issues to management
* learn and follow all company policy

!!! Our Bartenders are usually required to be utility players and be able to perform all Server responsibiliites !!!

Useful skills:
* highly skilled in mixology and wine/beer service
* excellent memory
* excellent people skills
* ability to work quickly and efficiently
* enthusiastic about teamwork

Get to know us before you meet us:

This job was posted 2/22/2018

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