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Dish Tech/Kitchen Support

Mile High Hamburger Mary's
Denver CO

This position primarily ensures that wares and utensils are cleaned and sanitized in a timely fashion and assists in maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen environment. This position also assists with food prep and other kitchen support as necessary.

Currently the scheduling needs for this position include Saturday brunch, Sunday swing shift, Monday and Wednesday nights. (approximately 30 hours per week)

Position requires standing, bending, and carrying items up to 25 pounds.
Responsible for logging and maintaining ware washing supplies and assuring sanitation standards are met and chemicals are safely stored and handled
Responsible for maintaining organized work area

Work environment varies, can be hot and noisy at times, slippery floors and hot surfaces are frequently encountered.

Friendly, cooperative and supportive team environment.

Reports to Kitchen leader on duty

Generous discounts and free shift meals

Compensation varies with experience and completion of 90 day probationary period

This job was posted 3/1/2018

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