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The Restaurant at Burdick's
Walpole NH

************Internal Job Posting***********

Title: FOH Manager
Hours: Full-Time
Posting Date: March 12, 2018
Reports to: General Manager
Staff: Servers, bartenders, runners and hosts
Internal Customers: Restaurant Staff
External Contacts: External Customers
• Develop and oversee the execution of Service Standards
• Continue to reinforce Service Standards
• Payroll for team members
• Hiring of new staff
• Overseeing the training of new staff
• Staff Development, reviews, goals, & accountability
• Serve as leader and mentor to coworkers
• Schedule self, Servers, Bartenders, Hosts, and Runners
• Help cover shifts for staff if needed
• Point out and enhance communication issues
• Enforce checklists, rules and procedures that staff must follow
• Continue to reinforce responsibilities of Servers, Bartenders, Host, and Runners
• Develops and implements creative strategies to increase revenues.
• Coordinate the Wine/Liquor order. Bartenders should be writing the order and either the Chef or Dining Room Manager should be reviewing and placing that order.
• Assist with menu creation and implementation.
• Communicate order needs of the operation to those persons responsible for ordering them
• Program the Point of Sale system for the restaurant
• Aid in troubleshooting system errors or issues for POS, credit card, reservation system, phone, or music systems.
• Handle customer/employee related injuries and fill out appropriate paperwork.
• Business decisions:
o scheduling groups of 10 or more
o Speaking with media
o Seriously disgruntled customers

• Customer service
o Greet guests as often as possible both in person and over the phone
o Develop and/or oversee the Guest Reservation system
o Deal with any unhappy customers in reasonable manner
o Check in with guests during their visit to assure quality of service is up to our expectations.
o Consult with Chef on customer feedback
o Pass needed information on to Chef/General Manager, with name and number of customer for additional contact by needed parties.
• Follow through with above duties
• Act professionally at all times and refer to those that you repot to for decision making guidance when needed.
• Help guide the staff to be the very best they can be
• Communicate information from upper management to staff and information from staff back to upper management
• This is a salaried roll. 40 – 45 hours a week on average is the expectation for all salaried managers. Work should be completed on site whenever possible.
• Ability to think creatively and enlist support of management, peers, and employees for ideas.
• Strong planning, budgeting, scheduling, and problem-solving skills.
• Knowledge of state liquor laws and training preferred.
• Minimum of 1 year of post high school education with emphasis in hospitality management field.
• Prefer 2 year degree or greater in hospitality management field.
• Ability to complete job tasks with or without reasonable accommodations.

Contact: Submit an application or resume to
By: March 16th, 2018

This job was posted 3/14/2018

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