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Winkler Pool Management
Hyattsville MD

Winkler Pool Management is looking to hire full-time and part-time lifeguards to staff pools located in various counties in Maryland, District of Columbia, and northern Virginia.

The lifeguard position ensures the safety of pool patrons and assists with pool operation. We offer flexibility, teamwork, great hours and an awesome working experience.

Requirements: Lifeguards are required to obtain the following certifications: (We may have training classes available in your area. Please view our website or email the staffing director for additional information about the training classes.)
• Lifeguard Training
• First-Aid

Job Duties:
1. Guard swimming pool – maintain safe swimming equipment.
2. Enforce safety rules and regulations of the pool.
3. Check swimmers at gate when assigned.
4. Maintain pool area – keep clean.
5. Do cleaning chores as assigned by Pool Manager.
6. Attend weekly Lifeguarding Reviews as scheduled.
7. Be in uniform at all times.

This job was posted 4/4/2018

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