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Bel Air Bay Club
Pacific Palisades CA

We are seeking a professional Dishwasher for our high volume prestigious Banquets department at the beautiful Bel-Air Bay Club. The ideal dishwasher will provide excellence in service in an upscale private club kitchen atmosphere working cohesively in a fast paced, team environment.


1. Currently ServSafe Certified
2. Previous dishwashing experience
3. Basic kitchen equipment knowledge for cleaning purposes
4. Reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language
5. Ability to understand chemical usage.
6. The ability to properly handle the dishwashing machine including turning on and off, de-liming, changing water and adding chemicals.
7. The ability to load and unload dishware and flatware from the dishwashing machine and store them properly.
8. The ability to ensure a clean, neat and organized work area.
9. The ability to collect, utilize safely and put away all cleaning materials, chemicals and equipment.
10. The ability to clean and drain ware-washing area twice during the shift.
11. The ability to wash all pots, equipment parts, pans, etc. thoroughly in the sink.
12. The ability to clean all ovens, steam kettles, mixers and other equipment as needed.
13. The ability to safely set up, clean and utilize the silver burnishing machine.

This position is a non-exempt, hourly, Part-Time On-Call position. Work Schedule is primarily Wed-Sundays from 5pm - Midnight but may change according to demand.

This job was posted 4/4/2018

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