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Ogunquit ME

Restaurant on Southern Maine seacoast seeking cooks and dishwashers for upcoming busy season.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

*Have experience in the culinary industry
*Be able to prepare food to specifications of head chef.
*Set up and stocking stations with all necessary supplies and restock as necessary.
*Be capable of working with a team and communicate with co-workers effectively and coherently.
*Cook menu items in cooperation with the rest of the kitchen staff
*Clean up station and work using sanitary methods.
*Excellent understanding of various cooking styles, ingredients, equipment and procedures

*Be capable of lifting up to 50 lbs.
*Be able to stand on ones feet for extended periods of time.
* wash dishes, mop floors, general cleaning duties and some minor maintenance assignments.

Housing available to all applicants within walking/bike ride to jobsite, bikes provided, and travel cost reimbursement.

This job was posted 4/14/2018


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