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The Packhouse
Charlotte NC

The Packhouse is currently hiring host's, server assistants, bartenders, servers, and food runners. Qualified applicants please send your resume or apply in person Monday - Friday from 2pm - 4pm.

Host Staff - As a host at The Packhouse you are the true first impression of the restaurant. You are the first person they will see and interact with so you are the beginning of their opinion of the night. A host at The Packhouse will be responsible for greeting guests both in person and by telephone, taking reservations in an organized manor, and showing guests to their seats or other landmarks in the restaurant. It is important that you know the history of the restaurant as well as our general operating information so that you can answer any questions and guide guests through their experience in a positive way.

Server Assistant - As a server assistant at The Packhouse you are responsible for all the details that make our guest's experience at our restaurant exceptional. You will be expected to learn the tables of the restaurant and be capable of delivering food ordered to each guest. Some of your other responsibilities will include bussing the tables of any dirty or unnecessary dishes, refilling the beverages of the guests, and replacing anything our guests end up needing. this role is an integral pert of The Packhouse's ability to run on a high level while also consistently delivering a wonderful experience to our guests.

Bartenders- As a bartender at The Packhouse you will be expected to provide the amazing kind of service that makes people come back again and again. The bar requires employees that are able to work in fast paced environments while keeping their work space clean and organized. Liquor, beer, and wine knowledge are needed but the ability to learn and be friendly are a must..

Servers- As a server at The Packhouse you will be held to the highest standards. You will be expected to know the history of the restaurant and a wide knowledge of the foods and drinks we offer. You must know our wine and liquor lists well enough to guide guests through their questions. As a server, you are the very face of the restaurant and the one staff member that will have the most profound impact upon the guest experience with us. It is necessary that you are able to be friendly, responsible, and flexible to keep the front of house running well. You must be capable of providing detailed and high-level service to all the tables you are in charge of no matter how busy we are as a team; there are no excuses for providing bad service.

This job was posted 4/29/2018

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