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Catering and events manager

Wil's Grill
Flagstaff AZ

Catering and events manager


An effective catering manager is adaptable and communicates their needs well and directly to their staff. A resourceful manager will have broad knowledge of the BOH and extensive knowledge of how to lead the FOH effectively and consistently.

Job requirements:

• Weekend availability is a MUST
• At least 2 years of experience in hospitality (both FOH and BOH a huge plus)
• Experience catering large events such as weddings, reunions, etc.
• Able to lift 50lb and stand for hours at a time
• Organizationally minded and extremely prompt (on time is considered late!)
• Creative, passionate and outgoing are all key traits of an effective manager
• Able to drive standard transmission and have towing experience and/or willingness to learn how to tow a trailer.
• At or above the age of 21 and have a clean driving record
• Possess personal transportation that may sometimes be used for utility
• Adaptable and responsive while working in a high stress environment
• Clean cut, well-manicured appearance and good hygiene
• Leadership or management experience is a huge plus

Compensation: $13/hour and up depending on your experience

How to apply:

Email your cover letter and resumes to:

This job was posted 5/9/2018

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