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Retail Supervisor

KM Concessions
Denver CO

TITLE: Retail Supervisor

REPORTS TO: Retail Managers, GM’s and all Corporate personnel.


• Make sure store is properly merchandised as new product comes in, with direction from Retail Manager, Visual Merchandise Manager, and Buyer.
• Make sure all merchandise is presented with the correct price tag or price label.
• Inform Retail Managers, visual merchandise manager, and buyers when low on stock levels and guest requests.
• Complete daily merchandise requisition form at end of the day, thoroughly walking the store to ensure all merchandise low in stock is being replenished for the following day’s business.

• Ensure ALL closing bank paperwork is complete and turned in with bank.
• Perform closing procedures on registers by completing a Z-Report on each register, a food report, or rentals report. When need be also complete a batch report on all credit card machines.
• Learn and understand what a ledger is and how to use/fill in.
• Learn how to run sales reports.
• Ensure sales numbers are being run every other hour throughout the day.
• Ensure staff is aware of where they are to their sales goals throughout the day with sales reports. Numbers should be shared with all supervisors and managers on duty that day.

• Learn how to perform interviews
• Work with Retail Manager to address and document employee violations
• Help train new hires
• Get employee evaluations done at least twice a year

Daily Operation
• Comply with all gift shop cashier duties and responsibilities
• Clearly understand the ins and outs of how to use Rpro
• Examples: Transfers, adjustments, looking up merchandise, quantity levels, etc.
• Make sure stores are open within the clients contracted times
• Monitor staffing and breaks to ensure peak times are staffed to properly service guests.
• Monitor staff to ensure they are servicing the guests, following policies, procedures, including but not limited to: uniform policy, EXTRA, tasks to keep up store cleanliness.

• Ensure proper closing procedures are done. Examples: trash, cardboard, cleaning glass, and vacuum (when needed).
• Ensure store is locked, alarmed, and secured by checking all doors before leaving.
• Turn in banks, radios, and electronics (iPod) to cash manager in cash office.
• Turn requisite forms into warehouse outbox in retail operations office.
• Oversee register ringing of staff to ensure proper departmental ringing.
• Maintain a clean and organized cash wrap, making sure all supplies are stocked i.e. pens, tissue paper, cleaning supplies, register tape, etc.
• Maintain a clean and organized understock
• Help maintain warehouse cleanliness when in and out.
• Write up damages on proper form and make sure they are being placed in the proper locations damage bins in warehouse.

This job was posted 5/11/2018

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