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Line Cook/Prep

NOLAS Poboys
Missouri City TX

Seeking badass line cooks. Positive, can-do attitude is a must. Fast-moving with a sense of urgency. Both AM and PM availability. Part time or Full time. Bilingual is a plus. Leadership experience is a plus.

NOLA Poboys is a fast casual restaurant chain that pays homage to 1920’s and 30’s New Orleans through its food, décor and commitment to Louisiana suppliers.

NOLA Poboys was founded when Murray Tate started selling poboys after Hurricane Katrina devastated the City of New Orleans. At that time, there were almost no restaurants open. An entrepreneur at heart, Murray made poboys using a tabletop fryer in a rented warehouse space in the Central Business District. Despite the makeshift equipment and lackluster décor, his poboys were a hit. During the first Jazz & Heritage Festival after Katrina, a food critic for the Gambit Weekly gave Murray a glowing review. The rest was history. Murray could not keep up with demand. In 2012, he moved into a storefront on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and the business has expanded from there, becoming the top rated poboy shop in New Orleans.

NOLA Poboys is committed to spreading our love of authentic Southern Louisiana cuisine by combining indigenous ingredients with traditional recipes that have been refined throughout years of serving New Orleans locals as well as tourists from all over the world.


Applicants should be able to:
• maintain positive attitude
• excel in a team environment
• communicate effectively
• follow directions and procedures
• work to quality standards
• read and execute recipes
• perform tasks repeatedly
• effectively utilize basic cooking techniques
• operate and maintain basic kitchen equipment
• stand for long periods of time

Perks include:
• discounted meals
• paid family meal
• flexible hours
• dynamic and detail-focused work environment
• potential for advancement

This job was posted 5/13/2018

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