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Food Truck

Newburyport MA

You may have heard of us, we are Newburyport's first and only Gourmet Food Truck. We serve amazing Burritos, Tacos and so much more. Our Truck is the heart and soul of our business and we look forward to continuing to have our Truck out at local and regional Events and Festivals. We are also aggressively booking the truck for private events and functions. We need to to have well-trained, dedicated Staff who love working the Truck as much as we do.

We are looking for cooks and cashiers to help run a busy food truck. We offer very competitive pay. For anyone stuck in a kitchen, try one on wheels. Its fun, rewarding and different. Apply now. We look forward to hearing from you!! See you at the truck!!

Also, check out our PHANTOM GOURMET episode from Spring 2018 - this kind of exposure is just one of many things that are helping turn Metzy's into a true growth company!

This job was posted 7/26/2018

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