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Line Cook

Struts of Oxford
Oxford AL

Primary Responsibilities

Maintain a safe, sanitary, and secure environment at all times by cleaning and sanitizing your work station before, during, and after your shift.

Use and maintain kitchen equipment, tools and utensils safely and only for their intended purpose.
Prioritize and complete all assigned Grill station tasks, prep work, sidework, and station set up for maximum productivity and efficiency.
Demonstrate a passion and understanding for food by preparing and portioning all items according to Struts Kitchen’s standards, recipes, and specifications.
Maintain accurate food knowledge of all menu items by being able to describe the ingredients, nutritional benefits, and known allergens.
Participate in Quality Assurance checks with Manager by preparing menu items as identified by the Manager on Duty to ensure quality of product, accurate preparation and portion procedures, plating, and garnishing.
Work the Grill station efficiently, following all Struts Kitchen’s standards, recipes, and specifications.
Maintain cost control procedures including efficient energy management procedures within your control.
Prepare menu items with ticket only.
Handle product properly according to safe food handling procedures at all times.
Utilize all tools properly.
Provide genuine hospitality to all Guests.
Complete daily and weekly stocking and cleaning assignments/projects.
Maintain a professional restaurant image including a clean appearance with proper uniform according to standard.
Ensure a harassment-free environment through proper personal conduct.
Use respectful language with Guests, Team Members, and Managers at all times.
Ask for help whenever it is needed.
Notify a Manager of all Guest complaints.
Respond appropriately in emergency situations to avoid danger to self, Team Members, and Guests; remain calm at all times.
Complete required and ongoing training for the position.

Secondary Responsibilities

Assist other Line Cooks by bringing products and equipment to the line.
Learn other Line positions to foster teamwork during high volume meal periods.
Help Manager with receiving and storing orders.
Maintain clean, organized walk-ins, freezers, and other storage locations.
Perform any other tasks or duties as assigned by a Manager.


Qualification Standards

Must be able to communicate clearly with and receive instructions from Managers and other Team Members.
Must work well with limited supervision within specific position functions, but must be able to interact with other Team Members to accomplish work.

Physical Requirements

Must have sufficient mobility including, but not limited to bending, turning, twisting upper body, reaching.
Be able to transport and carry objects (such as cases of product and food plates) up to 50 pounds.
Be able to wipe down prep tables, maintain a clean station area, and pick up any debris off the floor in all areas of the restaurant.
Must be able to work while standing and moving at a rapid pace as the job requires.
Must be able to complete the job functions in a variety of temperature ranges, including cold temperatures in the cooler/freezer and warm temperatures in the kitchen area.
Must meet any federal, state, county, or municipal regulations pertaining to the service of food and beverages.

Please apply online at
88 Ali Way
Oxford, Alabama 36203

This job was posted 1/20/2018

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